Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My first blog

Hi everybody.

This is my first blog. I plan to use this as a way to share some of my vast wisdom and knowledge with the world. I have done some teaching, and it is something I enjoy doing, so this will be an opportunity for me to do what I like best in a new setting.

I have taught mathematics and computer programming, but I definitely do not intend to limit myself to those two subjects. For instance, I also have a strong interest in psychology.

I was also thinking of using this blog to help people find free resources on the web. For instance, lately I have been trying to learn Spanish, and I have found some free resources that help me do that. I have also developed an interest in making money on the web, and I have found some free information on that topic.

The set of topics I talk about will probably expand as time goes on.

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